1. Damn what a job
    This guy deserves whatever large amount of money he makes
  2. Anesthesia is really weird
    I mean what kind of message is that sending to your brain? "Hey don't stop vital things like the heart, but just shut every thing else down. K thx bye ✌🏼️"
  3. Why do colons have to be 5ft long? Or is evolution just takin it's time with this?
  4. When did blowing up an intestine with air so you could get in there with the tools become a thing?
    Who came up with that?
  5. I feel like only in America do we wake up people in the minor surgery unit & offer them cookies when we want to see how the persons eating goes.
    Mom wakes up and they ask what kind of juice and do you want Oreos, Lorna Doones, or Creme Pies. Still groggy, sassy mom says she doesn't want any of that after being knocked out knocked out and on a liquid & laxative diet for the previous 24 hours
  6. Do you think in say Costa Rica they wake you up with some like plantain chips and a fresh mango?
  7. Mmmmm I got plantain chips at home. Alright let's wrap this up, I got some snacks I gotta get to.