🚂 suburbs➡️Chicago then 🚶🏽8 blocks
  1. Alright this is the second time in two weeks this lady in the red mini van parked so close next to me at the station that I can't get my door open.
    Today's gonna be a great day
  2. Alright pretty good seat selection💺💺
    Also in a car with red seats. Some cars have blue seats and those are uncomfortable
  3. Why do I always feel like I'm the youngest person (at 24) on the train
  4. Damnit I left my cup of coffee somewhere
    At home on the counter? In my car? Shit did I leave it on top of my car and start driving? Shit
  5. Oh come on. Now I have to take on public transportation without the other half of my morning coffee 💀💀💀💀
  6. This is how it ends
  7. Wow that ladies bag with the palm tree on it is so tacky 🌴
  8. Wow that was horrible of me 👎🏻
  9. Oh well, I mean I probably already have a one way ticket to hell soooo
  10. Still that's probably her favorite bag. Maybe it was even a gift.
  11. I'm sorry stranger. I'm so sorry.
  12. Okay guess I might as well check the list app
  13. Ugh. Someone has to sit next to me on the right
  14. Oh good he enjoys his personal space and isn't all up in mine
  15. Is he reading these lists over my shoulder? 👀
  16. Maybe he'll want to join the list app now
  17. The lady one seat over to my left is wearing this vest/cape thing and it's like something I feel like any person who works at hair cuttery wears
    No judgement, just an observation 🕵 I have enough judgmental Attitude going on already
  18. Yes I swear anytime I've been to a hair cuttery someone is wearing a black cape type thing just like that
  19. I wonder if she thinks the same about her vest/cape
  20. I should write a list about all these things I'm thinking
  21. Okay I'll write it when I get to school
  22. Alright check the weather. Mmm 33 degrees but feels like 28. HEAT WAVE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  23. that hour went by pretty fast⏲
  24. Alright there are 'not middle aged married people' getting off other cars at the station. It was just my car
  25. Uh yup I see some yoga pants tucked into Ugg boots at 11 o'clock
  26. Oh hello hot man with really really good taste in shoes walking behind Ugg boot girl
  27. Oh wow it is really warm out today ⛅️🕶👙🤘🏻
  28. Alright time to play the "can I cross this street in 5 seconds" game
  29. Won that round🏆
  30. Hey Mandi remember that time you didn't get your morning coffee? Uh yeah HOW COULD I FORGET.
  31. Alright which of the million Starbucks am I gonna stop at on my way to school
  32. Okay the one on Madison and Clark because it's probably the biggest.
    I still need personal space until caffeine is in my system
  33. Really tight, curvy fitted dress pants on men kinda freak me out
  34. Actually no they for sure do
  35. Like this guy walking in front of me , his ass looks like mine in skinny jeans (but smaller)
  36. **various song lyrics about big butts go through my head at once**
  37. Okay Mandi you're not even checking it out, you're just analyzing it. STAHP
  38. I. Need. Coffee.
  39. Oh good, my favorite of all the guys who pass out those newspaper/magazine things is here on his corner!
  40. He brightens my morning every time.
  41. So far crossing the street in 5 seconds was my best time today🚦
    The other light signal countdowns were 10 seconds and 12 seconds
  42. I fucking hate revolving doors
  43. Every time I order at this Starbucks I say black coffee, but they always leave so much room for nonexistent cream & sugar.
  44. That blank space could be coffee
  45. 🎶🎶🎶"I got a blank space baby, but I'll fill it with tears" 🎶🎶🎶
    Yeah that totally works to the tune.
  46. One block left. Praise 🙌🏼
  47. Now for class, but most importantly enjoying my ☕️