TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

I think I watched most tv alone, but here are my family's gems.
    In all caps cause I'm really excited about this memory.
  2. Bug Juice
    "Bug juice doesn't come in a jar. Bug juice comes from who you are" I never went to camp. I think this came on on Sunday nights and my dad would to sleep early so my mom would watch this with me cause I think she secretly knew how envious I was of the kids at camp. I have to thank that woman for watching it with me.
  3. In a Heartbeat
    This came on after Bug Juice on the Disney Channel. It was about (from my best recollection) a bunch of teenagers who were EMTs. I Remember it was kinda like their late night drama program. I thought it was totally an "older kid" show and my mom was so cool for letting me stay up and watch it.
  4. The Andy Griffith Show
    My dad loved this show.
  5. Beverly Hillbillies
    Oh I'd belt out that theme song.
  6. Other oldies classics
    The Brady Bunch, The Jetsons, & Gilligan's Island (sometimes)