A forever evolving list
  1. A veterinarian
  2. A doctor
    So I wouldn't have to kill dogs
  3. An interior designer
    Because trading spaces and building houses on Sims was my junior high life
  4. A pediatrician
    More fine tuned even though I hate children
  5. Psychiatrist
    I love psychology
  6. A coroner/pathologist
    Autopsies for days
  7. Game show contestant
    Fuck med school
  8. A Disney princess
  9. Settle for just a Disney parade performer
    Back up plans
  10. A health psychologist
    Somewhere "back on track"
  11. A therapist/counselor
    Not for children
  12. A rehabilitation counselor
    Decided to apply for needed schooling
  13. A lawyer
    Decided while enrolled in said masters program for rehab counseling.
  14. A nanny for celebrities
    Also decided while getting my masters cause you know... I hate kids
  15. An actress
    I'm good a memorization and 'fake it till you make it"-ing. Also that would put me one step closer to my overall dream goal career of being Liam Hemsworth's wife
  16. A nomad
    Pretty much a Nomadic Matt groupie
  17. A Disney princess
  18. A lawyer
    I rewatched the first season of "how to get away with murder" my first winter break of my masters degree
  19. A writer
    Walked through Barnes and Noble while Christmas shopping 2 days ago
  20. A teacher
    This year I took a job substitute teaching for the money and good hours. But the 5th and 6th graders have stolen my heart. These kiddos are so awesome they make me want to work my hardest until they "get it" but I love just hanging out with them, talking about life, and hopefully teaching them some life lessons as well.
  21. A school counselor
    Also started this year while I was teaching in classrooms grades preK-8th grade. I started to see how even in my Chicago suburb with their blue ribbon schools and readily available resources, the kids already at a disadvantage seem to get the short end of the stick. Especially when the teachers and social workers discipline seems contradict fostering skill building. I'm not an expert here but it has lead me to think about becoming one