1. Yellow is the new neutral according to iPhone emojis
    Use the yellow ones and you offend no one, except for The Simpsons, possibly. They declined to comment.
  2. The 70s and the 90s are now able to co-mingle in peace
  3. Animals are the new child stars
  4. But the royal reign of babies isn’t over yet
    The coronation of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s baby is set to take place as soon as Blue Ivy and North West can clear their schedule to officiate the ceremony. Suri Cruise will “reportedly” be in attendance, but you know how she is: Always RSVPs “yes,” rarely shows.
  5. Carly Rae Jepsen is NOT a one hit wonder
    In fact, if I were Taylor Swift I’d watch my back.
  6. Time really does heal all wounds
    Justin Bieber is on his way to an image-makeover comeback, but take careful note: he will never, ever replace Judd Nelson.
  7. He will also never fill the deep, wounded hole that is One Direction’s loss of Zayn
    I will never not have to Google “Zayn 1D” to confirm, for the thousandth time, that there is no “E”on the end of his name.
  8. The English language is completely up for interpretation now because of umbrella words words like “this” and “everything”
    Terrible news for copy editors, fantastic news for fast-typing writers.
  9. Men can Lean In too
  10. Snapchat is taking over
    No longer is it just for disappearing dick picks and double chins; CNN is on it. Your favorite stores are probably on it. WE ARE ON IT: @man_repeller. Remember when people used to ask, “What’s the point of Twitter?” Probably not. Well, people also used to ask, “What’s the point of electricity,” so watch out.
  11. Kylie Jenner is also taking over
    Yung Jenner is predicted to surpass her sisters on Instagram by 2017 and to have her own “Discover” channel on Snapchat within the year. (If you don’t follow her now, may I suggest you do? (@KylizzleMyNizzl)
  12. We the People cannot get enough memes
    Instagram accounts that regurgitate Tumblr screenshots are at an all-time premium. (Celebrity animals are probably the ones secretly operating such accounts as @BeigeCardigan and @officialseanpenn.)
  13. You must now apologize for sounding click-bait-y
    Similarly, you must refrain from enthusiasm or genuine excitement/wonder in order to avoid sounding click-bait-y.
  14. The word “basic” may have actually died
    Haven’t heard that in a while? #RIP.
  15. Lists remain our generation’s preferred method of information consumption
    Hence the excitement for the List App's public launch.