We'll get through this together, promise.
  1. Keep wearing your swimsuits as bodysuits, bras, sheer-skirt underpinnings, etc.
  2. Wear goggles as sunglasses.
  3. Keep your sandals on your feet until your toenails are literally so cold they start to chip away at themselves.
  4. Then, extend again by adding socks. Bonus: sandals are on sale. Added bonus: socks tend to be cheap.
  5. Do not - and this one is important - do not stop drinking rosé wine.
  6. Do also consider the importance of maintaining an appetite for Mexican food (fish tacos!) and frozen margaritas. Drink enough and you'll practically forget you're not sitting on a deck overlooking the ocean in a calm, serene state.
  7. Remember that people go running naked in San Francisco, so you can do that too.
  8. But don't forget - for a single moment - that fall dressing absolutely RULES! Think about the sweater possibilities! The layers! The outfits that don't require big ass coats to destroy the creative vision!
  9. Plan activities for as many weekends as possible into October so that you continually have things to look forward to, which staves off that feeling of Nothing Fun Will Ever Happen Again.
  10. Don't even ask your friends about the above. Just make plans, grab strangers to join.
  11. Ask Stacy London to join.
  12. Say cowabunga like, 2x daily.
  13. Pretend Labor Day is the New New New Year!
  14. Blazers!!!
  15. Do not stop drinking iced coffee. Do not stop for as long as your teeth and hands can handle, and they can definitely handle through November, at least.
  16. That said, begin celebrating the return of Pumpkin Spiced Season.
  17. DIY your own beach and invite people over to your private island.
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  18. Remember that beach bags are excellent for carrying fall produce.
  19. Go to IKEA for back to school shopping then annoy your friend like that dude on YouTube.
  20. Or pull a Justin Bieber and let it out. Crying is cathartic, and the salty tears will make you feel like you're near the ocean. Or like you are an ocean.