We value freedom of speech more than we do spontaneous cupcake deliveries, BUT...
  1. Beach body
    Negative physical connotations aside, "beach body" also makes no sense. Are you made of sand? Is your hair the ocean? Is there a shovel stuck in your head? Probably, no.
  2. Sorry
  3. Vibes
    Cause of suspension: exorbitant overuse on social media thus resulting in social media consumer fatigue. Expect more from your audience and its ability to reason deductively - your knees in front of a pool on a Monday speak for themselves, you know?
  4. Real Woman
    Every woman is a real woman unless she is made of paper or a hologram like Tupac at Coachella that one time.
  5. All the Feels
    Cause of termination: it has become cliché. Be better than the cliché! "Not to be dramatic, but I have so many emotions pouring out of me right now that I could teach 10 back-to-back SoulCycle classes in a row and never once fall short of motivating the people to persevere through the arm series using their triceps to open up their hearts!"