You’re not at PFW? Me neither. But you know what they say: “Stop turning my quotes into clichés!” They also say, “It’s always Paris somewhere.” So let’s pretend it’s right here, right now.
  1. Rick Owens showed human backpacks for Spring 16
    The real genius of his homo sapien school supply carriers, however, was in his use of the human as papoose-meets-fannypack, too. Not only do these live accessories appeal to the Crossfit generation (people are heavy!) they will appeal to those struggling to multitask: a Rick Owens backpack has your literal back — so long as it’s not asleep, it’s always ready to lend a hand.
  2. Flash Tats have absolutely no end in sight
    Anyone who showed up to the Tuileries on September 30 during the ~*golden hour*~ aka, the OG of photo filters, got painted in gold to celebrate makeup artist Pat McGrath’s limited edition pigment, set to hit her website at the end of this month.
  3. Sinead O’Connor Head is happening
    First on Ruth Bell for Saint Laurent’s Cruise 16 collection, then again on the streets of Paris. Three’s a trend.
  4. The Row showed spring weather along with their Spring 16 collection
    Sorcery. (The collection was beautiful, but New York says hi — miss u.)
  5. Speaking of Sorcery, wizard horses are trending
    A long-maned gray horse stole the Jacquemus show. Before we get into an awkward Karen Smith-esque situation where you counter that the horse is white, kindly note that horses are technically gray unless they are albino, unless-unless this is actually Nero, the Rare White Friesian (who is still, technically, gray). I think this is a Lipizzan, though.