There are few things more devastating than the realization that you’ve approached a breakfast buffet without a gastronomic routing plan. Take heed in the guidance below that so you never have to experience an emotional alloy of breakfast regret, food group confusion and overall culinary humiliation ever again.
  1. Step One
    Start slow. Breakfast is a marathon. Begin by ordering your drink of choice and sip while you take a thorough survey of what’s being offered. If you have a dining partner, it would be wise to cross-strategize to ensure maximum tastes.
  2. Step Two
    Have strategically planned courses and in between, mini tastings. A good base formula is as follows: Fruit and yogurt, then eggs and meat, then pancakes/French toast and finally, breakfast dessert by way of pastries.
  3. Step Three
    It’ll be tempting, but don’t begin with carbs. Sure, carbo-loading at breakfast is more than acceptable – encouraged, even – but do so after you’ve filled up other noms. It would be a terrible shame to miss the bacon or quiche because you filled up on too many rolls.
  4. Step Four
    Experiment, but remain practical. Remember: you do not have to eat each and every morsel that’s available, especially if you’re staying at that particular hotel more than one day. (Multiple breakfasts in store for you, my friend!) Think of your time as macro.
  5. Step Five
    Very important: Do not settle for the dregs. You don’t deserve a dried out maple sausage, soggy hash brown or crusty eggs. Those bad boys will be refilled by the wait staff before you can say, “More croissants, s‘il vous plaît!” Be patient. Use this waiting time to recalibrate, digest and re-strategize.
  6. Step Six
    Have no shame about taking something with you for later in the day – those Kind Bars could last you for the ensuing week! A theory: If it’s wrapped, it’s good to go. (Also good life advice?)