This fall I officially resolve to...
  1. Sleep in fancy pajamas so that I can wake up and go. To work. In my pajamas.
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  2. Wear a flight suit.
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  3. Adopt Leandra's weird ass word "boiler suit" in lieu of flight suit.
  4. Or use both.
  5. Wear button downs backwards.
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  6. Use anything and everything as a hair-tie — except for hair-ties — especially, purse straps.
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  7. Stop having imposter syndrome about surf-inspired clothing.
  8. Let a little (more than usual) skin show.
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  9. Stop being afraid of all black “because it’s not me.”
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  10. Get into ruffles, but take it slow.
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  11. Remain undeterred in my search for the perfect vintage jean.
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  12. Wear more skirts.
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  13. Embrace all lengths.
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  14. Keep khaki going.
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  15. Think long and hard about the color red — then finally take the plunge and buy something red.
  16. Preferably this, specifically.
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  17. Find shirts with wrists that open up at the forearm and flare out.
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  18. Until then: despite it being fall, unbutton cuffs.
  19. Figure out how to fray the ends of my jeans so that it looks intentional (and so that I don’t have to spend money on a pair.)
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  20. Or, stop spending money on dumb things, then save up and treat myself.
  21. Buy (or DIY) a shirt that is actually a blouse.
  22. Wear heels because they add value to my outfit as opposed to avoiding them because I don’t want to “look like I tried.”
  23. Try.
  24. Reconsider denim on denim again. But real denim. Not chambray.
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  25. Pull over while texting.
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  26. Put phone away. Resume life.