This fall I officially resolve to...
  1. Sleep in fancy pajamas so that I can wake up and go. To work. In my pajamas.
  2. Wear a flight suit.
  3. Adopt Leandra's weird ass word "boiler suit" in lieu of flight suit.
  4. Or use both.
  5. Wear button downs backwards.
  6. Use anything and everything as a hair-tie — except for hair-ties — especially, purse straps.
  7. Stop having imposter syndrome about surf-inspired clothing.
  8. Let a little (more than usual) skin show.
  9. Stop being afraid of all black “because it’s not me.”
  10. Get into ruffles, but take it slow.
  11. Remain undeterred in my search for the perfect vintage jean.
  12. Wear more skirts.
  13. Embrace all lengths.
  14. Keep khaki going.
  15. Think long and hard about the color red — then finally take the plunge and buy something red.
  16. Preferably this, specifically.
  17. Find shirts with wrists that open up at the forearm and flare out.
  18. Until then: despite it being fall, unbutton cuffs.
  19. Figure out how to fray the ends of my jeans so that it looks intentional (and so that I don’t have to spend money on a pair.)
  20. Or, stop spending money on dumb things, then save up and treat myself.
  21. Buy (or DIY) a shirt that is actually a blouse.
  22. Wear heels because they add value to my outfit as opposed to avoiding them because I don’t want to “look like I tried.”
  23. Try.
  24. Reconsider denim on denim again. But real denim. Not chambray.
  25. Pull over while texting.
  26. Put phone away. Resume life.