1. Steven Tyler
    E online steven tyler going out top man repeller
    What makes this more of a top and less of a blouse are the mysterious buttons: do they exist, or is this a very deep V? Extra points for fabric. Keep up the good work, Steven Tyler. (via E! Online)
  2. Elvis
    Elvis aloha from hawaii going out top man repeller
    Just a really solid, classic example of a top here. Rhinestones will get you in the top category immediately. (Via Wikipedia)
  3. The Jonas Brothers
    Hercampus jonas brothers going out top man repeller
    We call this a Tricera-Top in the business: alone, these are dress shirts. Together, they become tops. Excellent teamwork, JoBros. (via Her Campus)
  4. Justin Bobby
    Justin bobby going out top man repeller
    Ah, Justin Bobby, a man so great they named him twice in a shirt so nice they called it a top. (via US Weekly)
  5. Winnie the Pooh
    Winnie pooh bear in top man repeller
    I'll let you in on a little secret: if you go sans pants, it's automatically a top. (via Examiner.com)
  6. Johnny Depp
    Johnny depp nightmare on elmstreet top man repeller
    Johnny Depp, you don't need customer service to answer your question for you -- I can! And that's a top. (via IMDb)
  7. Simon Doonan
    Out simon doonan going out top man repeller
    It's the amber lenses that make this Simon Doonan standard into a bonafide top. (via Out)
  8. Adam Levine
    Adam levine the voice men in tops man repeller
    Don't look so unsure, Adam Levine. That's a top. (via Daily Mail UK)
  9. Justin Bieber
    Justin bieber nirvana top man repeller
    The day I stop putting Justin Bieber on this list is the day he stops wearing exemplary, daring tops. (via Mirror UK)
  10. Will Smith
    Buzzfeed will smith fresh prince of bell air top man repeller
    Will Smith made crop top listicle history in this iconic look. What a trend setter. (via Glamour)
  11. Childish Gambino
    Childish gambino in a top man repeller
    If your shirt has a sailboat on it, you better bet your ass it's a top. Childish Gambino already knew. (via Hypster Blog)
  12. Tom Selleck
    Tom selleck magnum pi static1.squarespace man repeller
    A really fantastic choice for Tom Selleck in the top department here. The Hawaiian print says, "I'm laid back," while the pose says, "I am literally laying back." (via Amazon.com)
  13. Pharrell
    Pharrell men in tops man repeller
    Want to properly communicate to the world, "Hey world, this lightweight polo is also a top"? Take a cue from Pharrell here: the key is to accessorize and smize. (via GQ)