Ruffle your feathers and hold on to your buttons: this is a runway party of earring'd proportions!
  1. Buttons that reach
    Toggle loops without the Paddington Bear buttons; an elegant way to show skin in moderation; a fantastic fashion hack for too-tight clothes.
  2. Swimsuits for the street
    Trust: these are the new wardrobe staple, great for high waist trousers but more than okay to sling low below the hip holes.
  3. Fringe for the pun of it
    The fabric doesn't matter so long as it shimmies as you shake.
  4. Chic schlubbing for when you're over and under it
    You can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever be just...whelmed? Your pants can be paired with a tunic a la Portland post-grunge circa 10 Things I Hate About You.
  5. Paper bag your pants even if you don't pack a lunch
    You can try this now if you own a pair of trousers two sizes too big and a belt that fastens tight.
  6. Carwash skirts for the 1-2 punch
    Length that lets your legs breathe for once.
  7. Thanksgiving pants to wear to Sunday brunch
    New York wants you to relax -- and who are you to argue with New York? It's the next wave of athleisure: let's call it couch-core.
  8. Waists that dip low with pride
    A rebellion against the 70s; the 2000s are officially back.
  9. Shoestring laces with nothing to hide
    They're exposed and they don't care who knows it. Corset-up.
  10. Slits that'll make you shave your upper thigh
    Or not -- these slits are so sexy they may empower you to do just the opposite.
  11. Dresses that are as much of a catch as you are
    They cast a wide net if you're in the market for a cool update on the summer dress.
  12. Dangling earrings so others h(ear) you roar
    And even if they can't hear, they'll be able to see. These baubles are bold.
  13. Something to slip into for day or bed
    It doesn't matter where you're going so long as whatever you're in plays the coy role of, "I just threw this on."
  14. Clothes that embrace the beauty of loose ends
    Doesn't every startup owner say that nothing gets done if you're too tied up in the details?
  15. And ruffles fit for a queen -- which concludes our trends!
    Big in New York, bigger in London. Who wants to bet they're going to straight up explode in Milan? See you there...