1. “That Gal” Brightening Face Primer
    I discovered primer last summer. I’d just moved back to New York from LA and hadn’t adjusted to real heat yet; my sweating was worse than usual. Enter “That Gal” Face Primer, but note: it’s more than just a primer. It shrinks your pores and brightens your face – sort of like that “sun” symbol on Instagram. It’s flattering on all skin colors and holds your makeup on tight (though can be worn alone for a pretty glow).
  2. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
    Think of your face as a sandwich: setting powder is the top bread, the primer the bottom bread and your makeup is the…cheese? Or cold cuts. Or if you’re one of those people who replaces bread with lettuce, it is the top lettuce — the top layer of your finished makeup sandwich and it keeps your skin looking glorious. A translucent powder works best; it adds a nice matte finish without adding color and keeps your makeup in place.
  3. Baby Powder
    Baby powder. Is. Essential. It’s basically a version dry shampoo at a fraction of the cost. BP rids your scalp of oil (missed pun opportunity or what?) in seconds without leaving a thick goopy film on your hair. It doesn’t leave you looking like George Washington en route to court in his fabulous powder puffed wig, either — an area where many dry shampoos have wronged me in the past. The trick is to use sparingly, and rub in until powder is absorbed.
  4. Olay Age Defying Mature Skin Day Lotion
    Yes, it’s an anti-aging cream. I’m not saying you’re wrinkled, and you certainly don’t “look old” (age is just a number!) – but this moisturizer is light, clean, sweat-proof and most importantly – not oily. It works with your makeup instead of against it. AND…it’s 15 SPF. No, it won’t clog your pores.
  5. Aquaphor
    It’s a deep moisturizer (more intense than Olay) and great for flakey patches, but it’s strangely light-weight and can be used anywhere — including on your lips without it gooping like gloss tends to do in humidity. Do not leave home without it.