Honk (double tap?) if you’re eager to get dressed but just can’t fucking execute. This is arguably worse than the reverse — when the ducks (Shoes? Sweaters?) are in a row, but you’re out of energy. Don't worry. I'm right there with you. But here's an idea, rather than partake in a dramatic wardrobe upheaval, why not just find that one thing?
  1. If you're already thinking about how you'll recycle your holiday party dresses, buy this Nasty Gal number.
  2. If you still haven't taken me up on trying the pleated lamé tea-length skirt and that's because you prefer sparkly tops, try Isa Arfen's striped lamé and jersey top.
  3. If you feel like one new sweater will change how you feel about fall (by the way, you're right), try Tibi's inSaAaAanEeEeely soft cashmere turtleneck pullover.
  4. If you love the new Gucci, but can't afford it, this shirt might help at double digits, win!
  5. If you love Christopher Kane, but can't afford it, happy holidays! Topshop's metallic pleated dress is one choice solution.
  6. If you love the look of fur but would rather die than wear it, here is Topshop's faux fur animal print coat -- but also, why you gotta be so dramatic?
  7. If you're going to a birthday party this weekend, and don't want to look like all the rest of your girlfriends...
  8. I can assure you, no one is wearing a bathing suit and terry cape.
  9. If you're trying to perfect your Man Repeller aura, slap some cherries in your ears, wear a turtleneck-lace and some trousers and boom: you're us.
  10. If you have a meeting in the morning, then a date after work with no time to change between part one and two: Keep this skirt in your bag. Wear a button down that day, and...
  11. A pair of mid-heel pumps, add some socks should you so please.
  12. Finally, if you just feel like treating yourself, here are Gucci's metallic quilted leather mules, which will look so cool with the socks you just bought, and that recyclable party dress! See that? Wardrobe renewed.