She’s come a long way in the two seasons Empire has been on TV. Cookie is as admired for her valiant style as she is for her feisty demeanor and take no shit attitude. As we prepare to gorge on eggnog and sequin dresses in the name of holiday spirit, let us all take a style cue or two from Cookie Lyon.
  1. The Bolder the Lip, the Better Everything Sounds
    Cookie’s way with words is proof of what a strong lip can do: A deep purple pout will get you a Cronut every time. A red smile doesn’t acquiesce when the flight attendant attempts to check your carry-on. Paint your mouth orange and never pay extra for guacamole again.
  2. Outerwear Should Tell a Story
    Word on the street is that Cookie’s eclectic roster of coats has the entire cast of Game of Thrones scrambling to revive their Tundra-resistant cloak game. Cookie’s oxblood fur in episode 9 was the envy of the Seven Kingdoms! It’s changed the way I view outerwear. Which is to say, ,my Canada Goose isn’t doing anything for my image.
  3. A Hat is Something You Put on Your Head to Protect Your Secrets
    Once the accessory of choice for the ukulele wielding, Jason Mraz-crooning douchebag by the bonfire, Cookie has revived the fedora. (Jamal’s not doing a bad job of it, either.) Wear it in moderation though; this baby’s still got some bruised knees from its last run in the park.
  4. Accessories Should Be Bold, Thematic and a Sensible Alternative to Pepper Spray
    Don’t be the chump who gets hauled into the backseat of a tinted Lincoln Town Car. Always accessorize, and always be sure that your gold plated ring can make a statement on somebody else’s face.
  5. Wear Your Sunglasses in the Morning, at Night and at Your Son’s Baptism
    Because, what else? People should be begging for an invitation to look into your eyes.
  6. Change Your Hairstyle as Frequently as You Change Your Underwear…
    ….Which is to say, once a day — twice if you plan on working out.
  7. A Chipped Manicure Bespeaks a Lazy Soul
    Your nails should be ready to tackle a lottery scratch off at a moment’s notice. Do you know who’s intimated by filed nails tapping on a conference table? Nobody.
  8. Whoever Said Shoes Were Made for Walking…
    Clearly never hurled a heel at their ex-husband’s head, which, as we all very well know, is the stiletto’s true purpose. Cookie’s shoe game serves as a reminder that whether you’re on a farm struggling to bypass cow dung or lying for the sake of a business deal, flats are never an option. Neither is falling down.
  9. Animal Print from Head to Toe
    While Cookie does have an obvious partiality toward prints of the feline variety, she isn’t averse to throwing a zebra into the mix, either. And although Season 2 has seen a decline in the head-to-toe leopard that branded the Cookie of Season 1, this season’s feathered Gucci number makes up for it.
  10. Honorable Mention Goes To...
    A) Jamal Lyon’s Bare Chest. It really had a moment this season in a slew of deep V-necks, open-button-downs and enough henleys to restore an un-ironic faith in Abercrombie and Fitch. B) Alicia Keys’ Purple Hair. Alicia made a guest appearance in Episode 9 as Skye Summers, a “girl power pop star” frustrated with the lack of creative control she has over her music. Alicia looks like a kickass Marvel character in a black corset, red cape and purple side swept hair that even Jamal can’t resist.