Let us suggest you take a page from the Marcia Brady book of style with the following tenets:
  1. Turtleneck or no neck at all
    a) Do it in a primary color that errs on the side of burnt. I know this probably doesn't make a lot of sense but I am opening up the comment to your interpretation. b) Put your art school's education to work and think about contrasting your primary colors. Wearing a blue turtleneck? How about a read sweater over it?
  2. Part your hair down the middle, NEVER tuck it behind your ears
  3. For the days when you're feeling the no neck at all clause, wear a neckerchief the Man Repeller way
    I will never get sick of wearing neck scarves.
  4. Consider the knee-high sock (or the ankle length white one)
    You won't look like an extra in Clueless. (But really, is that the worse thing?)
  5. If you're showing your belly button, you're failing
    Everything high waist; so high waist you're in a state of perennial wedgie.
  6. All is flair in love and fashion
    Skirts, sleeves, collars -- you name it, she's done it, you'll co-opt it.