Given the seminal roles Ryder has played, we got to thinking about the otherwise multifarious style rules she’s laid down on us through her characters in two other movies — Heathers and Edward Scissorhands. So if you’re thinking about Netflix but standing right in front of your closet, do consider the below.
  1. Black wide-brimmed hats and chokers may seem very Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent, but let us not forget that Lydia Deetz practically trademarked the look in 1988
  2. Speaking of hats, see what you can do about finding a bonnet, a straw bowler or a black boater cap
    Modern iterations welcome but not required.
  3. Brown textured fabrics may initially call to mind the groovy 1970s, but note that the mid-19th-century women did it first
  4. Popularity isn’t everything, but shrunken round glasses might be
    A monocle definitely is.
  5. When considering sweaters, vests, sweater vests and shirts, remember that menswear proper trumps menswear-inspired
  6. Your skirt could probably use a pair of ankle socks
  7. Wear a dirndl top, and if you can, make it blue
  8. The power of a kimino should never be underestimated
  9. Button down, button down, button down
    But button it up.
  10. And when in doubt, dust that shirt off your shoulder
    It’s what Winona would want.
  11. And finally, FOR THE LOVE OF BEETLEMAIN (portmanteau alert — that’s Beetlejuice x Balmain), BUY A STRIPED SUIT