And you know they're legit because they come from the experts at Stone Fox Bride
  1. Never wear white.
    Not off-white, not ivory, not cream. White with florals? Still no. Also suggested? Nothing on your head. Sorry, flower crowns!
  2. Err on the side of fancy.
    Molly Guy, founder of Stone Fox Bride says, "My philosophy when it comes to weddings: it's not your day, don't piss off the bride. It's a very easy opportunity for you to push someone's buttons. Just give them what they want!"
  3. If you don't get a +1, don't ask.
    Save for very special extenuating circumstances. Verrrry special.
  4. Don't get too drunk.
    Even if the bride says "I want everyone drunk and having a blast!" she doesn't want you to get sloppy, embarrass yourself, or hurt others. Know your limit.
  5. Hook up if you want... but not with relatives of the bride or groom.
  6. Go off the registry IF AND ONLY IF you are positive that you'd know what the bride or groom will love.
    Yes, wooden spoons are dumb. Unless you're sure, don't deviate.
  7. But if guests are too pricey for you, go in for a group gift on a site like Zola!