The spectrum of snackers is wide and varied, including but not limited to...
  1. The Whole Foods Bandit
    When hunger strikes, you head not to the corner bodega, but to the nearest Whole Foods. Why settle for a $4 protein bar when you can taste the world’s cuisine FOR FREE at one of the store’s many sampler booths. Craving salty and sweet? A mini tempeh slider finished off with a spoonful of vegan chocolate mousse. Bon appetite. Appetit?
  2. The Snack Attacker
    You take your snacks like you take your cocktails: inventive, in small doses, and every half hour. You also don’t pigeonhole yourself, time-wise, allowing your taste buds to know ecstasy whenever, wherever.
  3. The Tapas Queen
    The ultimate snacker. In fact, rarely do you sit down to enjoy an ordinary meal. You’re the friend who suggests we “order a bunch of small plates for the table” and “share everything.” Your palate is greedy. That’s okay.
  4. The Copy-Cat Snacker
    You’re observant; you notice all of your friends’ weird-ass habits and sometimes adopt them as your own. You also can’t stop once you see your friend pop, and heaven-forbid your co-worker starts eating chocolate coated apricots, because she makes them look so damn good and now your stomach is suddenly rumbling for a snack you technically hate.
  5. The Recess Free-Loader
    Your mom never packed you snacks as a youngster. Instead, you relied on classmate Edith to half her Fruit By the Foot with you. You’d clamor around during recess, looking to score until your pre-school teacher agreed to give you just one more graham cracker. Not much has changed only you can afford to buy your own Dunkaroos now. But can you find them?
  6. The Faux Splurger
    You credit your taut abs to your three-meal-a-day regimen, consisting, at least once a day, of Chobani and honey. I’d bet you frequently mention the French ancestry in your genetic makeup but I don’t know you so that’s just a guess.
  7. The Mindful Snacker
    Everything else in your life is perfectly proportionate and compartmentalized and your eating habits are no exception. You snack only twice, either between meals or after an intense workout. You’re not one for overindulgence and that makes me sleepy.