You should also know that Kelis, the Harlem-raised, LA-based singer/songwriter of more than just that famous song, also happens to be a classically-trained chef who studied at Le Cordon Bleu. She started her own sauce company, Bounty & Full, and she recently published a cook book, "My Life on a Plate: Recipes from Around the World."
  1. Jell-O
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    “I don’t have a ton [of pregnancy cravings], but I do have some. Right now it’s Jell-O, which is a weird thing. I hate the green and orange — it’s about the red. I tried the natural brands, but they were gross. I want J-E-L-L-O.”
  2. Heirloom Tomatoes
    “I have also been on a tomato craze. Our neighbor grows heirloom tomatoes, so we do trade offs of sauce and tomatoes. It’s a really great relationship. I made a tomato mango salsa which is tucked in there because the season for Heirlooms is coming to an end. ”
  3. Calendrical Beer
    "I am part of a beer of the month club. I haven’t been able to drink, but usually my husband will save me one and drink the other."
  4. Two Kinds of Cream Cheese: Blueberry and Jalepeño
    “There is a really great New York-style bagel place not far from here and they have jalepeño and sun dried tomato bagels. I like a flavor. I love an everything bagel as well. I don’t ever want a plain one, that’s a waste of time!”
  5. The Reddi-wip
    “I have been cutting corners lately, I would usually make my own. I had a little gathering here and I made these pineapple sponge cake things, and I just felt like this was easier.”
  6. Lots and Lots of Oranges
    “I love orange juice — we squeeze fresh orange juice everyday.”
  7. Arm and Hammer
    To keep it fresh.
  8. The "Basics"
    “In my cookbook, I talk about what kitchen staples are. I don’t think cooking should be a burden. I’m not one of those people who has time to go to the grocery store every time I cook; you go once a week — but you want to get all your basics. For me, the basics are onions, garlic and peppers. That’s my mirepoix. I also always have heavy cream, ghi and milk. There is usually mayonnaise in there because you can do a lot with mayo. If I’m running out of eggs, you can supplement it with mayonnaise."