On ours...
  1. Burgundy boots to wear with...
    I don’t have burgundy boots but I do have a pair that are this lovely cognac color — they should serve the same purpose that the ones that languish in my mind, which are Tabitha Simmons, do. Same heel height (null and void), same length (just a few inches above ankle point.)
  2. High waist, non-stretch jeans that aren’t skinny but aren’t flared and end exactly where my ankle begins
    I’m also pretty sure that I acquired the right high waist non-stretch jeans last winter, which I’ve worn 182 times and have never once questioned. They’re like the sister my parents never gave me.
  3. A black, double-breasted coat that is as long as the anterior jeans. This will be my car and therefore incredibly important to own
    And a little longer than my double breasted black winter coat but that’s nothing a snip, tuck or roll can’t fix. Which reminds me too that item 3 already exists in the depths of my sartillery (sartorial artillery).
  4. Wild card shoes — the extra-spicy salsa to dress up my Tostito
    Wild card shoes are essentially a pressure point that need to be pushed but don’t exactly achieve anything at all, which is something I know for certain because of the four-tone platforms I bought at the end of last season on the and was sure would change the entire trajectory of my outfitting capabilities. I have since only worn them once which effectively makes them fresh enough to call new now.
  5. Four shirts
    a) a white t-shirt b) a blue button down with pockets on both sides of the buttons c) a white poplin tunic d) a navy blue, loose-fit chunky knitwit