I never stick to them but hey there is always another shot at things in life.
  1. Workout!
    OOkie I know everyone makes this as their #1 every jan 1st or 2nd of the year. But I have kept up with it for almost a month now.
  2. Eating healthy
    By this I mean still eat everything... Like fries and beignet. And I started taking protein.
  3. Not to let this one asshole get to me.
    Last year was a little intense for me. A lot was going on.. taking care of grandpa ( he was diagnosed with lung cancer that had mets) and then he passed away in Dec. So all I wanted was to have a shoulder to cry on. I guess it was too much to ask after 4 years. So I decided to walk away from this relationship. But I guess being in your 30's.. Its hard to date. So I tend to fall back on old habits. Ah welp
  4. Focus more
    I have been told before I have serious ADHD (never been diagnosed). So pretty much it does hinder my daily life. Little things I do makes me get off track and start to think about all the things I have to accomplish.