I don't even care
  1. I will put tons of sugar in regular Cheerios, even Honeynut Cheerios, and Frosted Flakes (I know it already has sugar)
  2. I lick the bag of popcorn to get more butter
  3. I salt almost everything
  4. I'll randomly do squats when I'm by myself if I look at in the mirror and feel like my butt looks flat
  5. I watch myself cry in the mirror so if I ever cry in public, I won't look too bad
  6. Sometimes I eat cookies or a bunch of snacks instead of making something and eating an actual meal
  7. I lock my cat in the room with me so that I'm her sole live relationship in hopes she will love and trust me more
  8. I scream songs in the car when I'm by myself to build up a raspy voice (it doesn't work but it makes me feel alive)
  9. I will make a 30 min drive to the mall to shop when I'm stressed. Sometimes I'll make the drive to just walk around and not buy a single thing, but I still feel so much better
  10. I very much enjoy coloring books and when I worked at the Y as a summer day camp counselor, I got so much satisfaction from actually coloring inside the lines as all the other kids just ruined their pictures
  11. If I catch someone looking at me, I will make eye contact with them and straight up mad dog them until they get uncomfortable and look away