I've had my share of panic attacks, and this is what worked for me
  1. Get a planner
    Get the one with the hours in the day, that way you know you have plenty of time to do what you need to do without being overwhelmed
  2. Get a small journal and write a To Do list every day
    That way you get your tasks done and feel good about what you accomplished every day
  3. Exercise
    Just release all that tension for at least 30 minutes every day
  4. Don't study in bulk
    It's just not gonna help, I promise
  5. Instead, study for a little bit and then take a short break. Then study, then take a short break
    Your brain will remember more this way
  6. Sleep
    Not getting enough rest will ruin you
  7. Eat
    Don't forget to make time for breakfast and actually eat dinner at a reasonable time
  8. Eat somewhat healthy
    That midnight run to whataburger is not gonna make you feel good. You don't have to eat a full-on salad, but try chicken instead of beef or something
  9. Read your bible
    I cannot stress how good it feels to just meditate and give it all to God. Forget your deadlines and just vent to him, thank him, worship him..
  10. See your friends
    It can't possibly be healthy to lock yourself in your room to study. Study with your friends, or hang out with them after a test to just have fun
  11. Soothing lotion/body wash
    Idk if this actually works, but I got a lavender body lotion and wash. Lavender supposedly releases tension? It smells good.
  12. Find something you love to do
    Mine is writing/reading/dancing Zumba. I'd write a little something when I needed inspiration, read when I had time, and danced Zumba to get moving
  13. Remember that grades and tests are not the entire purpose of life. Don't let it take you over