I hope I'm not the only one
  1. Eat healthier
    Cookies and cake are the bigger part of my food pyramid
  2. Read everyday
    Been meaning to do this and I used to read a lot but, well, I'm tired
  3. Get better grades
    Haha it's a good thought though
  4. Budget more
    I kinda live paycheck by paycheck and I've been okay so far (low key this is still on my New Years resolution this year again)
  5. If I find a cat on the streets, don't adopt it.
    I found two kittens within four months of each other this past year and they are both happily living in my home
  6. Keep my room clean
    Ehh.. I've made progress
  7. I can't make any promises on the cats but I'll definitely be trying again with the others