Here are some sayings I either already say or that I can see myself saying when I have kiddos
  1. Don't go away mad, just go away
    My boyfriend told me how his mom would always say this to him when he was upset and I couldn't stop laughing because not only was this hilarious, but very wise to say to your kid. It obviously sticks if he's 21 and still remembers this line
  2. Why aren't you eating? You don't like my food? Fine, I'll never make this again for you.
    My grandma's most favorite line to get us to eat more.
  3. Put a napkin in your lap
    I already say this to my boyfriend, who is basically a helpless child when he eats.
  4. Awww is this for me?!
    Two scenarios when I would say this: the first is obviously when they draw something (hopefully something sweet) for me and I get all gushy as the mommy feelings take over. The second is when they get a present or have candy from Halloween or anything that makes them happy and I take it away and pretend it's mine just to see them get upset. You can do what you want with that information.
  5. Ohhhhhh no.
    I yell this at my cats to make them stop whatever they're doing. My mom did it to me and it works like a charm.
  6. Excuse you!
    This is my own saying and this is to establish the fact that they did something wrong. I win. Because I'm the mom.
  7. How many cookies do you want?
    Cookies are a must at my house and it's not a question if you WANT any, it's a question of HOW MUCH.
  8. Put some dirt on it/walk it off/suck it up, you're fine
    For when they fall and have a small cut or some kid accidentally bumps into them or they're playing and get hit in the face with a ball. My mom didn't take my sister to the hospital for her broken arm until it swell up and turned purple. That's just life kid.
  9. Of course we can keep it!
    This is for when I'm with my kids and we find a kitten outside all alone without a mom and we save it and they ask if we can keep him/her. My answer is always yes.
  10. I love you..