Let me introduce my self, first basic things...
  1. I am Brazilian
  2. My parents are Argentinians
    And yes I speak Portuguese and Spanish
  3. I am a clown
    I start studying to be a clown after watching "Patch Adams" and I used to work in hospitals :o)
  4. I graduate in Education
    but I have never worked as a teacher
  5. I am a screenwriter
    I quit my job in São Paulo and move to NY to make movies here, well at least I am trying.
  6. I want to win a Oscar
    We need a goal in our live, I choose mine.
  7. I am brooke
    If you want to help me, feel free to do it
  8. Slow dancing
    The first movie I wrote, produced and directed is inspired in @john music "Slow Dancing in a burning room". @john can I use your song??
  9. I believe in love
    Yes.. I still do.