1. Translator
    Grew up with Greek and Spanish, liked be able to understand both grandparents even though they never understood each other.
  2. Psychologist
    Great listener and was able to empathize with others deeply. But then thought, "could I listen to people's problems all day?"
  3. Photographer
    My dad was a picture frame manufacturer and all the photographers that came in always looked so cool, like such free spirits.
  4. Accountant
    Math was my favorite subject, actually got a thrill out of math solutions turning out correct. My sister thought I was weird btw. Dad said that was a good career for a girl!
  5. Stock broker
    Seemed really exciting! I did well on a class assignment with a faux portfolio so I thought I was awesome at predicting trends thanks to Coleco/Hasbro stock that came out with the cabbage patch kids. Dad said girls don't become stock brokers.
  6. Chef
    Although we were the only Greeks that never owned a restaurant I think this would have been my true calling. Loved to cook still do. When I was younger I would barter with my mom to let me cook...if I clean the bathrooms will you let me bake cookies. She actually would pause and think about it, I eventually caught on!