1. Veep
    Best insults ever
  2. Broad City
    3Rs : ReUse, Recycle, Rihanna!!!
  3. Community
    The first tv show that made me understand how brilliant commedy could be and made me want to watch more.
  4. 30 rock
    Tina Fey is a genius and Alec Baldwin is just so right every fucking time . And his laugh!!
  5. The Mindy Project
    Because @mindy AKA Beyonce Pad Thaï (that moment made me laugh hysterically for 10 minutes) and because we can actually see the relationship evolves between mindy and danny
  6. Arrested Development
    So many running gags, I love running gags it gaves me a sentiment of reward when I get it
  7. Parks and Rec
    The casting is amazing and chris pratt just gets it
  8. Girls
  9. Master of none
    Aziz!! Aziz's dad!!!!!
  10. The Office
    Never gets old. Michael Scott is the only person who gets on my nerves so bad i want to punch him but I still like him. And @bjnovak
  11. Scrubs
    Can be so funny and moving in the same episodes.