A continuing list whenever a reason my mom is the best comes to my mind.
  1. I told her I needed to buy Advil so she went into her room and gave me her own 500 tablet bottle.
  2. She made me crumbly pumpkin muffins but made me eat them outside to avoid a mess
  3. She unfriended her brother-in-law because sub-posted about her voting for Bernie Sanders.
  4. When I was teary at home, she crawled into my twin sized bed with me to hear me out.
  5. The nickname "con queso" she inexplicably gave me in high school.
  6. She never dresses under or over dresses. Always stylish to a T. (Seen here in outdoor fall wedding attire, Queen)
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  7. Hardly an explanation needed for this one.
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  8. I cannot remember the last time she asked me for a gift that required money. Only thought.
  9. When she works on holidays, she relies on pre-made Costco mashed potatoes. Everyone goes wild for them anyway.
  10. She told me this list would be a perfect Christmas gift.
  11. I was having a hard day so she made her profile picture of me and our dog.
  12. I'm pretty sure every guy I've ever even looked at was never good enough for me, almost always identified as a "playa"