I have reason to believe any person who's ever lived in New York for an extended time falls out of love with the city. Here are my own reminders, for myself, why I want to stay here.
  1. Fruit stands
  2. The joy you get to bring tourists by helping them out
  3. ...and offering to take family photos for them
  4. Outdoor happy hours
  5. The ability to dress yourself differently for different neighborhoods
  6. The dogs. So many dogs.
  7. My job
  8. The first day of a new year you walk outside without a jacket
  9. Doing something embarrassing and realizing you'll never see the people who just watched it happen again
  10. My grocery store, job, pizza place, & bagel place are all in one big square
  11. You can cry on the street and no one will bother you about it
  12. Bodegas
  13. Bodega cats
  14. Accidentally adopting Yiddish phrases
  15. Accidentally adopting New York phrases
    "What's doing?"
  16. Rooftops
  17. FedEx and doormen banter
  18. A window into 100s of cultured
  19. Broadway shows
  20. Saxophonists in Washington Square Park
  21. Watermelon in Carl Schurz Park
  22. Laying in Sheep's Meadow
  23. How it turned me into a movie snob
  24. ...and turned me off to fellow snobs
  25. Crosstown busses
  26. Getting drunk without the worry of driving home
  27. When you actually go to the weird FB events you were invited to
  28. Strand bookstore
  29. Papaya King
  30. Pomme Frites (RIP)