1. It's so different from America but what's really cool is when you start to notice how parts of it are also sort of similar
  2. I know it sounds corny but it was so great to go on a trip that was not only fun but also educational. I had such a good time and I felt like I learned a lot about a totally different culture in a really short amount of time
  3. You think that you know what the food is going to be, but it's totally different from what you expect. Still so good though
  4. It's hard to communicate there bc Chinese sounds nothing like English, but that means when you actually connect with someone it's that much more satisfying
  5. I like crowds which worked out haha because the streets get pretty crowded especially like midday
  6. Take a lot of pictures when you go!! There were so many moments that were hard to describe to people when I got back and it made me wish I had done a better job of documenting the trip
  7. The weather was pretty good when I was there - it rained once or twice but it wasn't too terrible
  8. Honestly, I thought I was ready to go home at the end of the trip, but the moment I stepped off the plane in the US I was just like "Take me back"