1. It was so much less intense than you might think... I mean obviously there were moments where I was like "this is so crazy... I can't believe I'm talking to God" but a lot of it was just like talking to... Maybe not any random person but like a person you admire a lot from afar like your boss
  2. I could definitely tell that he was acting a certain way to make me feel comfortable, but it worked haha I felt so at ease the whole time we were talking. At one point I farted
  3. Wow... One thing they do NOT mention anywhere is that God doesn't eat any processed food!! I know how random that sounds but I mentioned Oreos TWICE until he had to explain to me that he doesn't eat stuff like that... Needless to say we ran out of things to talk about pretty soon after that lol!! I love Oreos
  4. He used so many words I didn't understand lol at one point I was so tempted to say something like "you created me god, you know I don't know what a whatever-it-was-he-was-saying is!!" But obviously I didn't say that - that would have been so rude. Oreos
  5. He's so tall!!!!! It was crazy. I was like "Kobe has nothing on you" and he was like "stop talking about my height"