Finding an apartment or a job can be trying. Finding one on Craig's List is insane.
  1. Craig is a weird dude with a penchant for creepy lists.
  2. People will tell all sorts of batshit crazy lies to steal all your worldly belongings via the web.
  3. If someone says they would love to show you their reasonably priced apartment but they happen to be out of town on a mission trip they are definitely scamming you.
  4. In fact, they may be even be making up a fake apartment out of pictures they've found in the deep sketchy corners of the Internet.
  5. Reverse image searches are your friend. Using one I discovered the lovely living room I thought was in Hayes Valley was in fact in a studio apartment in Normandy, France.
  6. If someone randomly sends you their scanned passport as proof they exist- they probably don't exist.
  7. Don't ever earnestly look for a job in TV/film on Craig's List unless you wanna read about how you should be trimmed for your porn audition.