1. House of Cards
    "Oh my God, how amazing is Claire this season?" "Honestly, I think Frank wouldn't be that bad an option compared to those other people running for president" "Meechum is the unsung hero, the real heart and soul of the show" "I could really go for some of those Freddy's ribs right now!"
  2. Breaking Bad
    "Jesse is such a tragic character, he breaks my heart because of how innocent and caught up in Walt's lust for power he becomes" "The real hero of the show, is that pink teddy bear. Steals the scene, every time I see him" "I mean, I've never tried meth, but they make it look, like, so good."
  3. The Walking Dead
    "Ugh, the real zombies on this show are the writers. I mean, make something happen already!" "I like Darryl. He seems like the kind of character you could have a beer with." "I hope we follow Carl as he grows up and goes to college"
  4. American Horror Story
    "Oh boy, I was just horrified at that story, but in a unique way that can only be described as American."
  5. Black Mirror
    "You know, I haven't seen all of it, but I love the storyline so far!"