10 of my favourite photos I took as a live band photographer

Since I was digging in my Flickr archives. I mostly took photos for my website but it was also a great way to get a better view since I'm short! All taken with my Dutch grandfather's manual Yashica camera.
  1. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
    Good pals who let me join in their escapades and take photos from behind the stage. This was shortly before they trashed everything because an amp wasn't working.
  2. OXES
    Crazy Baltimore metal band with wireless guitars.
  3. Stephen Malkmus / Pavement
  4. Philip Jeck
    Sound artist who uses multiple record players and scratched up vinyl.
  5. Mogwai
    I love that they have matching tattoos
  6. Le Tigre
    Dancing silhouettes! Their dance routines were excellent.
  7. Kim Deal / The Breeders
  8. Trail of Dead again
  9. The Strokes
    Badly composed but still cool
  10. Econoline