I felt like I had missed the boat on this topic as everyone's have been so good but a list request cannot be ignored!
  1. Writing regularly in a positive space makes you a better writer
    I'm so much more confident in my writing and it's led to some exciting new opportunities ✨
  2. Lists are the perfect way to get your thoughts down
    It has really helped with my blogging and other writing. Start with a list and expand!
  3. Change is scary and sometimes bad but it's not going to stop so you might as well just consider it a new challenge and find a way to make it work.
  4. Emojis are a form of self-expression 🙃
    I found them baffling before I joined li.st - how did everyone seem to understand what they all meant?!? Then I realised it's instinctive and once you start it just somehow all makes sense.
  5. Listers are great for recommendations
    I don't think I've had a bad one and I've discovered some great books, films, TV shows, brands and more.
  6. There are still loads of amazing people on here that I haven't found yet
    I keep stumbling on people who have been here for years and I've been missing out all this time.
  7. It feels like the general public are never going to 'get' li.st, however many changes are made
    Which makes me worry about the future of this app
  8. I'm still really bad at talking to people
    I should comment/chat more but know that I really mean it when I ❤️
  9. List requests are terrifying but always rewarding
    Thanks for including me!
  10. That moment of self-doubt before you press the share button never goes away
    Always hovering over it for a few more seconds 😬