1. Following recipes
    I am actually incapable of this and always tweak things, usually in a non-disastrous way.
  2. Leaving and replying to comments
    You have no idea how hard I am trying here on li.st!
  3. Making phone calls
    I will do anything to get out of this. I just checked and the only non-family calls I've made in the last YEAR are my leasing agents, hairdresser and a local restaurant.
  4. Learning languages
    My mum speaks multiple languages fluently. I can't even learn one.
  5. Maths
    I have to use my phone calculator for even simple multiplication
  6. Going outside
    Eh I'd rather stay in
  7. Remembering people's faces
    If you change your hairstyle you've lost me.
  8. Working a full time office job
    I'm a terrible employee
  9. Dealing with unexpected situations
    I'm easily confused if things deviate from my well-researched plan.
  10. Professional correspondence
    I can only do ultra-formal or overly-friendly
  11. Faking interest in boring things
    Sorry 😒
  12. Final bosses
    The video games I've quit just before the final boss would be a long list.
  13. Writing briefly
    I write A LOT about everything, as you may have noticed.
  14. Self-promotion
    I always feel like I'm pestering people
  15. Remembering what day it is