Okay, I'll join in. Inspired by everyone. First one I read was by @macnchz
  1. Multi tasking
    Almost to the point of stupidity
  2. Problem solving
    Both technologically with computers and writing code but also with everyday stuff. I will find a solution!
  3. Fare dodging
    I must have a really trustworthy face. Even when I'm not trying, conductors walk right past me. I lost my return ticket recently and the bus driver let me on anyway!
  4. Planning trips
    My family don't even bother now, they just expect I'll have researched everything.
  5. Making anything look cute
    Japan has taught me much
  6. Hand sewing
    I get a lot of compliments on my neat stitching
  7. Not worrying about stuff
    I never worry about anything. It'll work out!
  8. Befriending postmen
    My current postman even brought a parcel round on his own time after he got my holiday dates wrong.
  9. Writing promotional tweets for my blog
    Fitting a key phrase, featured username, link and image into 140 characters is so satisfying
  10. Designing seamless repeat patterns
    It's both art and maths
  11. Sending surprises in the mail
    I love doing this
  12. Being self employed
    You need a wide range of random skills
  13. Entertaining myself
    I live alone and I'm rarely bored.
  14. Putting things away when I'm done
    I'm that rare person, a creative with a tidy desk
  15. Writing lists!