Such a happy request ❤️ I just went round my house so this is pretty random.
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    Bunny mug
    I went all the way to Nagoya for this mug and it was totally worth it.
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    Bunny bowl
  3. •
    Bunny vase
    As horrible as the bunny lamp smashing incident was, my blood ran cold when I realised it could have just as easily been my vase. This is irreplaceable as she no longer makes them.
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    Ooew Bunny by Nerderella
    So called because he is constantly surprised 😮He never fails to make me laugh.
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    Onigiri pillow
    This is why I go to Japan, because everyone needs a huggable Onigiri.
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    These amazing biscuit tins
    By Linzie Hunter for M&S. I keep sewing stuff in them.
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    Original 80s space guy
    This is my oldest surviving proof of life long space nerdery. I should really get my old telescope out and list about it - it's so cool.
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    Pom pom hat
    I bought it in Japan in 2010 and I love it so much. It fits my small head perfectly, keeps my ears warm and is my favourite colour to wear (grey). It's a miracle I've never lost it. Old photo because I still have a hideous swollen eyeball 😵
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    Fox handbag
    Old photo. I've never been a handbag person until I bought this last year. It's the best.
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    Daffodil painting
    By my Opa (Dutch grandfather). Daffodils are my favourite flower so I get to have them all year round.
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    Painted box
    Painted by my Oma. She used to paint all kinds of things like trays and tins but there aren't many to share amongst our big family. My mum gave me this last year and it holds my favourite pins.
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    Wooden turtle
    When we were kids my granny asked what our favourite thing in their house was. My sister said the stairs (we didn't have stairs in our house!) and I said this turtle. She gave it to me a few years ago and now it sits in the same place on my hearth. My sister did not get the stairs - bad choice!