A walk around the Isle of Kerrera

This was my dad's idea of a fun birthday outing - a two hour walk in the rain. And it was fun!
  1. Kerrera is a little island just off the mainland near Oban. You take this tiny ferry.
    One of my favourite UK road signs there too.
  2. It can only take 12 people
    It was just us and the postie
  3. There's basically nothing on Kerrera except sheep, cows, a handful of people and a cafe.
    It was very wet and windy but look at that turquoise water!
  4. It was quite a trudge in driving rain up steep hills on rocky paths.
    The cafe had helpfully put up encouraging signs along the way - next stop cake!
  5. Of course the sun came out once we made it to the cafe.
    We ate in a byre and it was very nice but we were so hungry and tired we forgot to take any photos.
  6. Since it wasn't actually raining any more we did the extra walk to see Gylen Castle.
  7. Worth it! This photo is so #Scotland
    It was also really windy so we didn't go any further.
  8. The walk back was downhill and much more pleasant
    Abandoned house
  9. There were some entertaining sheep
  10. Oban in the distance (on the left)
  11. We could see the ferry coming and just made it in time
    But it was full! They came straight back for us though.
  12. On the ferry
    It was actually too hot now and we had all taken our coats off. Typical Scottish weather 🌦
  13. And off it goes again 👋