A Year of Paper Craft Projects ✂️

My monthly creative challenge this year is to make a simple paper craft photo tutorial for my blog. Let me know if you try them 😊
  1. February: Pancake
    For Valentine's Day...
  2. ...and Pancake Day!
  3. March: Lucky Clover
    For good luck cards...
  4. ...and St Patrick's Day decorations
  5. April: Bumble Bee
    For cards...
  6. ...and mini bee bouquet decorations! 🐝💛🐝
  7. May: Peapods
    For cards with two peas...
  8. ...or three! Puns optional.
  9. June: Planets!
    For cards...
  10. and a mobile! This turned out so cute.
  11. July: Mt Fuji
    With extra options for...
  12. A Mountain
  13. And a Volcano - my favourite.
  14. August: ice creams
    For a garland...
  15. Or a card!