A Year of Patterns

Designing repeat patterns is one of my favourite things to do, but it's so time consuming. I challenged myself to design a new one every month this year and here they all are!
  1. January - Snowflakes
  2. Bonus! Blue Snowflakes
  3. February - Pastel Ghosts
  4. Bonus! Colourful Ghosts
  5. March - Afternoon Tea
  6. April - Sakura Blossoms
  7. May - Mt Fuji Dots
  8. June - Onigiri Rice Balls
    Can you tell I went to Japan in the spring?
  9. July - Animal Balloons
  10. August - Ice Cream Cones
  11. Bonus! Ice Cream Treats
  12. Extra bonus! Cutie Fruity
    This was a quick update of an old pattern in case I didn't have time one month
  13. September - Buzzy Bees
    Making this a seamless repeat nearly broke me, and yet it looks so simple.
  14. October - Autumn Bears
    Inspired by a suggestion from @solena!
  15. November - Kawaii Seasons
    All the monthly characters from my 2017 calendar
  16. December - Snow Bunnies & Snow Pandas
  17. I made a gif of my pattern making process
    The Sakura are used as a template to save time as scattered patterns are tricky to lay out.
  18. Here they all are together
    I didn't miss a single month *high fives self*
  19. These are all available as free wallpapers if you like them
  20. I also use them for new products in my shop and on-demand partners.
    PS My li.st discount is ending soon... My little business is 9 years old! 🎉