Adventures in hand sewing

I love sewing by hand and have been trying out lots of different stitched crafts over the years.
  1. Tapestry / Needlepoint
    Tapestry is my current favourite. It's super easy and wool is so nice to stitch with. I designed this pattern myself after a horrible experience with a kit.
  2. Cross stitch on wood
    I designed a Christmas pudding ornament kit with my cross stitching business pal Claire. This was my first time with cross stitch and it's really quick and easy.
  3. Long stitch
    Similar to tapestry but the stitches are different lengths. This is a pillow kit with a Bargello pattern, which was very relaxing to stitch.
  4. Close up of the design. It has such a nice silky finish.
  5. Cross stitch
    I made initial pocket mirrors for my mum and my dad's partner. I mostly enjoyed the back stitch border so blackwork is on my list to try soon.
  6. Embroidery
    This is a pocket koala from Mollie Johanson's embroidery book Stitch Love 🐨 I've been sewing felt things for years but my embroidery needs more practice.
  7. Cross stitch biscornu pincushion
    From a kit I bought in Japan. I still don't really like cross stitch but it is easy and fast. This turned out so cute!
  8. Sashiko
    A traditional Japanese stitch for strengthening fabric. I just started this kit and I love it! It's very different - you load stitches on to a long needle and then pull them all through together.
  9. When it's finished it should look like this!
    You may be noticing a theme here 🐰❤️🐰❤️🐰