Ugh I have been sick for a week so have some pretty pictures. I made all these experimenting with my Silhouette paper cutting machine.
  1. Mother's Day card 🌻
    Sunflowers are her favourite flower.
  2. Hap Pea Birthday card
    For @tinyotterpaws. I don't know why I associate her with puns.
  3. Fathers Day
    It's planet dad and his two daughter moons
  4. Snowflake Christmas card
    These were a disaster. The shape was too complicated for any kind of fun paper so I was stuck with boring white. I made some adorable acrylic ornaments though.
  5. Ghost notebook 👻
  6. Banana notebook 🍌
  7. Gingerbread Man notebook
    This is the most complicated one I've done and the least popular. I still have a bunch of them in my etsy shop, bah!
  8. Radish notebook
  9. Star Christmas card
    These turned out well.
  10. Mother's Day card 🐝
    Her family name means honey, so bees!
  11. On my desk
    I made the apple into an 'apple birthday' card for @tinyotterpaws (more puns!) Must do something with Mt Fuji 🗻