I used to put 'having more blogs than you' in my hobbies/interests, with good reason! They are almost all still online too.
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    diskant (1998-2012) -
    My music/pop culture site that I ran for ten years with all my best friends. This was consistently brilliant and stupid (there's a category for pie). Note that 2 of the 3 posts in this screenshot are about lists - we wrote so many lists.
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    Unsharp (2000-2010)
    Basically livejournal, but I didn't know about that. This was on a bunch of diary type sites and then on blogger. I used to blog when bored at work and kept it up for a long time until I decided to write more personal stuff on my business blog. It's locked down now so sadly the world will have to live without my thoughts on the Tamagotchi Corner Shop games. The title is from my most used photoshop filter: unsharp mask (NERD)
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    Portfolio (2003-present) -
    This is my professional site for web/design/consultancy clients that I designed in about an hour and never remember to update. Surely that's a good sign for a freelancer though, that I'm too busy to work on my own site? And yes, Pusheen is a client of mine!
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    Cake Tourism (2005-2010) -
    Joint blog with a couple of work friends that should really have been a Tumblr but Tumblr wasn't a thing yet. Basically an excuse to eat cake around the world in order to blog about it. I still instinctively photograph every piece of cake I eat.
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    Asking For Trouble (2007-present) -
    Started as a tedious promotional thing for my craft business. Now it's my main place to write about my life, travels, creative stuff, Japan tips and anything else I feel like.
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    Centaurgy (2008) -
    Again, this should have been a Tumblr. Me and my friend Stu collecting the most ridiculous band/genre descriptions on gig flyers. This still makes me laugh. INTELECTROH is my favourite, though 'sack-headed theatrical doom' is pretty incredible.
  7. 7.
    Super Cute Kawaii (2008 - present) -
    Created with my friend Claire as there weren't any good blogs covering cute stuff from Japan and kawaii inspired designer/makers. 9 years later and it's almost a full time job and I have 3 staff writers.
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    Hapbun vs Pinkbun (2009) -
    Built to memorialise our two favourite MSN Messenger icons once we quit our jobs and didn't use it any more. Pinkbun still worries me a lot - why does it eat hearts?
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    Quincy and Usagi 2013-2016) -
    Shared tumblr with my sister to document our Animal Crossing New Leaf towns. We posted daily for almost 3 years.