One for the British listers. My kettle finally gave up after 15 years of hard service and it turns out kettle technology has really moved on.
  1. It's pretty!
    But also a Which? best buy because I phoned up my dad and made him check for me.
  2. It has temperature controls!
    Handy for green tea and stovetop coffee
  3. And a keep warm function
    While you wait for your toast
  4. It boils really really fast
    This is going to save me literally minutes every day
  5. It has a one press to open lid
    So much easier for my RSI / nerve damaged hands.
  6. It's bigger than my old kettle but takes up less space
    Look at all that (super ugly) worktop space!
  7. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟