Continuing a theme. I might come back and add the previous list links. Photos by me.
  1. Nice weather
    It has been pretty glorious lately (I'm Scottish - this means 13C and breezy) and I get so much more done. Currently it's light from 5am-10pm! Hopefully it doesn't rain for 3 months like last year and I can even get out on my bike.
  2. Oban family holiday
    I love that my family are all super excited about going back to Oban for a week. We're easily pleased. Will definitely involve lots of boats and cake.
  3. Weekend in London
    I haven't been for 18 months and I'm going to Hyper Japan for the first time, hanging out with my sister, maybe going back to Kew Gardens and hopefully meeting you guys! London Li.sters! Can we have a meet up? (Photos by my sister)
  4. The Waverley
    The world's last ocean going paddle steamer stops at my town during the summer. We're really trying hard to organise ourselves to go on it this year.
  5. The Annual Flower & Vegetable Show
    Local event of perfect flowers, giant onions and remarkable crafts. Space Peacock, I'll never forget you. Highlights from the Annual Flower and Vegetable Show
  6. Hydrangeas
    The gardens along my summer walks are full of hydrangeas and they're so colourful. I'm watching carefully until they appear.
  7. Fruit and vegetables
    I'm already that weirdo sniffing the tomatoes in the supermarket. It's sad how exciting it feels to get tomatoes and strawberries that actually taste of something but I plan to eat as many as possible.
  8. Wimbledon
    I kind of follow tennis all year but really I'm mostly just interested in grass court season. It's on TV all day and I find it so relaxing to work to. I hope Andy Murray gets back to winning soon - he's still my favourite.
  9. Game of Thrones
    It's been going a bit downhill but I still want to find out what happens next. A book would be even better, thanks.
  10. Secret projects 🤐
    I have some super exciting things coming up and I'm looking forward to working on them.