Trying to cheer myself up about the next 5 months of freezing temperatures and limited daylight. I realise it's already winter now but I forgot to finish this.
  1. Putting the heating on 🔥
    I'm a staunch member of Team No-heating-until-November. (Update: I put it on this evening. Just for an hour though - let's not go crazy.)
  2. It might snow
  3. Using this emoji liberally whenever there's even a single snowflake falling ☃️☃️☃️
  4. Wearing my infamous pom pom hat
    I bought it in Japan six years ago and it's perfect. Also, new avatar alert!
  5. Using my second favourite avatar
    Not until December though
  6. Putting up my kawaii Christmas decorations
    It's always a delight opening the box and seeing them all again.
  7. My Christmas Holiday
    November and December are my busiest months by far but then I get two weeks off to just hang out with my family!
  8. Advent calendar
    The thrill of a small piece of chocolate every day
  9. Making Christmas cards
    Me and my sister send out handmade cards to family every year. I'm still pondering what to do this year.
  10. Etsy Made Local market in Glasgow
    So much fun last year. I can't wait. My mum is coming to help me again this year too.
  11. All the good TV shows coming back
    The Americans! Sherlock! Brooklyn Nine-Nine! It's the only good thing about January.
  12. It's one step closer to spring...