Requested by Liz

All the souvenir stamps I collected on my 2016 Japan trip

Thanks for the reminder @LizDawson! I got lots of new stamps this trip. Here's my previous collection: MY SOUVENIR STAMPS FROM JAPAN
  1. Meiji Shrine Garden
    My only repeat from previous trips.
  2. Hamarikyu Gardens
  3. JAXA Tsukuba Space Center
    That rocket is on display outside.
  4. JAXA Tsukuba Space Center
    Space flight section
  5. JAXA Tsukuba Space Center
    Rockets section
  6. JAXA Tsukuba Space Center
    Astronauts section
  7. JAXA Tsukuba Space Center
    Satellites section
  8. Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
    They made a new stamp since my last visit.
  9. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  10. Hiroshima Cenotaph
    At the museum
  11. Kanahei's Small Animals pop-up
    At Umeda Hankyu mall
  12. Kanahei's Small Animals pop-up
  13. Funassyi Land
    At Kiddyland Osaka
  14. Funassyi Land
  15. Arashiyama Station
  16. Sagano Romantic Train
    At Saga Arashiyama station
  17. Sagano Scenic Railway
    At Torokko Kameoka station
  18. Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens
  19. Nagoya City Science Museum
  20. Nagoya City Science Museum
    The planetarium is nicknamed Brother Earth!
  21. Hatchobori Station
    My home base in Tokyo
  22. Moshi Moshi Box
    Kawaii tourist information centre in Harajuku
  23. Harajuku
    At the Moshi Moshi Box
  24. Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens
    Note how it matches Hamarikyu!
  25. Bonus! Here's what the stamping stations look like
    Keep your eyes peeled if you visit Japan (and show me your stamps!)